When using artificial intelligence (AI), the prompt is the key to get the best results possible.

To illustrate this, I have created two separate prompts with the same topics. The goal is to explain what API is in artificial intelligence.

The first prompt was written as follows:

“You are an internet technologies expert. Write a description in essay form to what Application Programming Interface is.”

Because the prompt starts with, “you are an internet technologies expert,” the result was a somewhat complicated introduction to the definition of API, seen below:

In the dynamic landscape of modern software development, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have emerged as an indispensable component, driving innovation, efficiency, and interoperability in various technological ecosystems. APIs act as the conduits through which disparate software systems communicate, enabling developers to leverage existing functionalities and resources while creating new applications. This essay aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of APIs, elucidating their definition, functions, types, and significance in contemporary internet technologies.

The complicated nature of the writing style will turn off most readers while attracting those in the field that are comfortable reading the detail as such.

In the second prompt, I only changed one thing by adding “on a 7th-grade level.” Here is the prompt in its entirety:

“You are an internet technologies expert. Write a description in essay form on a 7th-grade reading level to what Application Programming Interface is.”

The prompt of “on a 7th-grade level” simplified the delivery almost to a Disney-style result:

“In the exciting world of computers and software, we often hear the term “API,” which stands for Application Programming Interface. But what exactly is an API? Imagine you have a magical bridge that helps two different lands talk to each other. In the world of computers, APIs are like these magical bridges that let different programs and apps communicate and work together.”

The two different results show the significant difference that the specifics of the prompt will alter the results.